A company with tradition

TUAG Triebwerk Unterhalt AG is a company with a long tradition in the maintenance of piston and jet engines. Today TUAG is engaged exclusively in the maintenance of Helicopter engines of the french manufacturer Turbomeca. A team of 25 competent and well-trained employees are working in our centres in Arbon and Geneva.

Company's history

As the former aircraft engine department of Adolf Saurer AG in Arbon, different piston engines were built and maintained for the Swiss Air Force over several decades. After the introduction of the first Jet fighters in Switzerland in the early 1950s, also for the aircraft engine department began the jet-age with the licensed production and maintenance work of jet engines.

In the 1960s the area of responsibility was enlarged by the overhauling of engines of the Swiss Air Force’s helicopter fleet and later for civil helicopter operators.

Later on, the aircraft engine department no longer suited in with Saurer’s business concept and was taken over by investors in 1990 and carried on by TUAG Triebwerk Unterhalt AG based in Arbon.

Assembly of Piston Engines V12

Axial Compressor Rolls Royce Avon 203